WOW Busy-ness.

Luxury Lane Soap's Organic Artisian Soap - Renaissance Faire

Wow. It has been busy here on my end of the internet, being a mom, working full-time, and going to school, unfortunately it hasn’t been leaving me with much time to properly pamper my skin.

However I do plan on posting a review of Kylee Lane’s Luxury Lane Soap.

I will give you a preview. IT IS AWESOME. So awesome, in fact, I have no problems throwing my money at Kylee and saying, “Make me smell like WIN!”

But that is all I am gonna say… For now. Stay tuned for further review details this weekend!


Welcome to Soap Fiend!


Hello everyone, boys and girls!

I will admit, I have a crazy obsession. I love my skin, and I love smelling **AWESOME**. Mix this obsession with sensitive skin and I get a wonderful list of people who make handmade soap. But which one should I choose? Which one will be the best for my skin? Someone really needs to make reviews! Well here is Soap Fiend. The place where people who want to smell awesome can come and see product reviews that are consistent and contain the true facts about a handmade beauty product. šŸ˜€

So here is the (tentative) review format.

Product/Product description – Obviously one would want to see what they are reading about.

AestheticsĀ – How is this packaged when youĀ receiveĀ it? Is it pretty soap or plain soap?

Smell description – Have you ever gotten a soap, looked at the label expecting one thing and then when smelling it get a completely different scent? I have. It’s an adventure.

During use feeling – How does the productĀ feel during use?

After use feeling – How does one’s body parts feel after using the beauty product?

4 week results – In order to properly test a beauty product, you have to use it for 4 weeks. This will allow proper skin conditioning, and the true results will be revealed!

Any other awesome info – It will be said here. šŸ™‚

I am always open to comments, suggestions, would like to see a handmade soap reviewed or even would like to send me product samples, please feel free to email me at!